About Yuba County, California

Yuba County
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Yuba County is located in California, USA. It was one of California’s original 27 counties, founded in 1850. The county has a population of about 85,343 people as of the 2024 census and is known for its diverse landscape, including grand rivers, thriving farmland, and friendly communities. Yuba County is the gateway to the historic Mother Lode Country, with recreational possibilities extending into the Sierra foothills. The county enjoys excellent school systems, affordable housing, and is home to Yuba Community College, offering opportunities for higher education and personal enrichment. The county is part of the Yuba City Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Sacramento Economic Market. Yuba County is also known for its safety and security, thriving businesses, and great recreation opportunities. Yuba County is not to be confused with Yuba City, which is the county seat of Sutter County, California, and is a separate entity.

5 Facts about Yuba County, CA:

1. The county seat is Marysville.
2. Yuba County is located in the Central Valley region along the Feather River.
3. The county has a diverse landscape, including grand rivers, thriving farmland, friendly communities, and numerous recreational possibilities that extend into the Sierra foothills.
4. The largest community in Yuba County is Linda Marysville (incorporated).
5. Yuba County is named after the Yuba River, which was named by Captain John Sutter for the Native American village Yupu or Juba near the confluence of the Yuba and Feather rivers.

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