Our Mission:

To help our clients manage their used, obsolete, or unwanted data, products, electronics, batteries, appliances and more in the most secure, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective methods available. 

Our Service Mission:

To serve each other and our clients with the highest level of reliability and integrity, always ready to help with a friendly attitude. 

In 2013, Modern Waste created and continues to maintain and improve our Environmental Health and Safety Management System. Within that system, we have incorporated the following R2v3 and ISO certifications: 

R2v3- 2020 Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI)

r2v3 certified logo xsmall✔ Global Standard for Responsible Recycling of Electronics
✔ Strict data protection standards
✔ Promotion of reuse and recovery (sustainability)


ISO 45001- The Global Standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

iso 900114001 45001 xsmall✔ Improved employee safety
✔ Improved reliability and productivity
✔ Improved employee morale


ISO 14001:2015- The Global Standard for Environmental Management (EMS)

iso 900114001 45001 xsmall✔ Improved Legal Compliance
✔ Reduced Environmental Impact
✔ Reduced Waste


ISO 9001:2015- The Global Standard for a Quality Management Standard (QMS)

iso 900114001 45001 xsmall✔ Streamlined business practices for reduced costs
✔ Continuous operational improvements
✔ Better overall management

MWS is committed to customer privacy and sustainable solutions.  As such, the following steps are followed for every customer load received:

1. Secure receiving and tracking – Each client load is tracked with a ticket number in our database and attached to the load staged inside our secure facility.
2. Triage – Each load is separated based on whether any devices may have data, then by category of device or material.
3. Treatment – Hard drives are removed and destroyed, devices and materials are separated for reuse or further tear down and recycling.
4. Responsible Recycling – We carefully audit and track materials sent from us to our downstream partners for further reuse, recycling, destruction and end-of-life processing.

We are subject to inspections, audits and imposed standards from various agencies, both private and public:

• California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
• Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI)
• Various City of Sacramento Agencies

References from clients such as DISH Network, Johnson Controls, ACT Environmental, Bay Alarm, etc. are available upon request.