Electronic Waste Recycling in Sacramento, CA

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It’s no secret that many electronic devices contain dangerous substances like mercury, cadmium, and lead which can easily damage local ecosystems when they make it into a land fill. According to the National Safety Council, only 11% of computers are properly recycled each year resulting in new legislation that puts pressure on businesses to adhere to strict recycling regulations. Having a compliant e-waste recycling program in place isn’t just a good idea, it’s imperative to your business.

“Your delivery people were knowledgeable, very helpful, and courteous. They explained everything, packed up what we had on site, and set up the containers for us. They knew what we needed better than we did. Containers are easy to use. Everything’s great so far. Thank you.”

Christine W.

E-waste Recycling Options

As a premier technology recycler, Modern Waste is dedicated to helping our clients manage their excess, obsolete or unused technology equipment. All of our electronic waste recycling services focus on security, efficiency, and compliance, while adding back to your bottom line. We can help you manage and recycle almost any electronic device or equipment for the best possible outcome using the following methods:

Asset Tracking

The tracking of IT assets by device type, make model and serial number.


The careful disassembly and removal of components and parts from obsolete devices for use in the secondary market.

Asset Recovery

This involves the tracking and sales of otherwise good functioning assets or equipment for revenue recovery or use in acquiring new equipment.

Compliant Recycling

This involves the recycling of otherwise unusable or damaged devices and components for the recovery of commodities like steel, gold, silver and copper.

Secure Media Destruction

Secure media destruction services for everything from old CD‑ROMs to magnetic back-up tapes is the only way to be sure that your confidential information remains secure – no matter what format.

Modern Waste Advantage

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Record & Log

We record and log everything in our secure database.


Shred & Recycle

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Certify & Approve

We will provide certificates and reports as needed.