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Yolo County
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Yolo County is located in California and is part of the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area. It was one of the original counties of California, created in 1850. The county has an estimated population of 222,623 as of the 2024 census, and its seat is Woodland. Yolo County is known for its fertile farmland, small historic towns like Winters and Woodland, and being the home of the University of California at Davis, which is the county’s largest employer. The county is governed by a board of five district supervisors and is also home to the unincorporated community of Yolo, which has a population of 421. Yolo County is also recognized for its wine industry, with a short wine trail that includes small family wineries. Additionally, the region has a rich agricultural history, which is showcased at the California Agriculture Museum in Woodland. The county’s official website is yolocounty.org.

Here are 4 facts about Yolo County, CA:

1. Yolo County is located in the Sacramento Valley and is included in the Greater Sacramento metropolitan area. It spans 1,024 square miles (2,650 km2), of which 1,015 square miles (2,630 km2) is land and 8.9 square miles (23 km2) (0.9%) is water.

2. The University of California at Davis is the county’s largest employer, and often the center of its cultural fingerprint.

3. During the early 1900s, Yolo County was the largest producer of tomatoes in the world, with vast tomato fields stretching across the county.

4. Yolo County is home to the Port of West Sacramento, an inland port located 79 nautical miles of San Francisco. The port is used for the export of bagged and bulk rice.

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