About Tiburon, California

Tiburon is an incorporated town located in Marin County, California, on the Tiburon Peninsula, which reaches south into the San Francisco Bay. The town has a population of 8,889 as of the 2024 census and covers an area of 13.22 square miles, with a density of 2,027.6/sq mi (782.85/km2). Tiburon is known for its picturesque waterfront location, offering stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the city skyline. The town is accessible by ferry from downtown San Francisco and by car from Highway 101 and Highway 131 (Tiburon Boulevard).

Tiburon’s downtown area is a charming destination, featuring elegant boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining establishments. The town is also home to the Tiburon International Film Festival, which showcases films from around the world. For outdoor enthusiasts, Tiburon offers various parks and recreational opportunities, such as Blackie’s Pasture, a popular spot for hiking, jogging, and biking. The town is served by the Reed Union School District, which includes Reed Elementary School, Bel Aire, and Del Mar School, all of which have received high ratings. Tiburon’s proximity to San Francisco and its natural beauty make it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors. The town’s rich history, cultural events, and stunning waterfront views contribute to its unique character and charm within Marin County.

Services we offer in Tiburon :

E Waste Recycling
Hard Disk Destruction
Batteries Recycling
Fire Extinguisher Recycling

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