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Solano County
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Solano County is located in California, midway between San Francisco and Sacramento, and is part of the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area region. The county covers an area of 84 square miles (220 km²) and has an elevation of 2,822 feet (860 m). As of the 2024 census, the estimated population was 469,551, with the county seat in Fairfield. Solano County is known for its diverse landscape, which includes rolling hillsides, waterfronts, and fertile farmland.

Some key features of Solano County include:

– Agricultural Economy: The county has a thriving agricultural economy, with a blend of agriculture, corporate business, and pleasant lifestyle.

– Biotechnology and Growth Industries: Solano County is home to biotechnology and other growth industries, providing a diverse economy.

– Outdoor Recreational Activities: The county’s proximity to lakes, rivers, and mountains allows for year-round outdoor recreational activities like fishing, boating, skiing, hiking, and biking.

– Historical Significance: Solano County has a rich history, with artifacts dating back thousands of years and historical records dating back to the establishment of the county when California became a state in 1850.

– Education: A portion of the South Campus at the University of California, Davis, is located in Solano County.

– County Facts & Figures: Solano County is bordered by Napa, Yolo, Sacramento, and Contra Costa Counties, and has a time zone of UTC−8 (Pacific Time Zone) and UTC−7 (Pacific Daylight Time) during the summer.

Solano County offers a mix of rural and suburban lifestyles, with easy access to urban amenities and a strategic location that has attracted businesses and residents alike.

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