About San Mateo County, California

San Mateo County is located in the U.S. state of California and is part of the San Francisco–Oakland–Berkeley metropolitan area, also known as Silicon Valley. The county was founded on April 19, 1856, and as of the 2024 census, it had an estimated population of 782,838. The county seat is Redwood City, and the largest city by population is San Mateo. San Mateo County is known for its mild climate and scenic vistas, with nearly three-quarters of the county being open space.

Some key facts about San Mateo County include:

– Area: The county covers 455 square miles of land and 292 square miles of water.
– Incorporated Cities: There are 20 incorporated cities and towns in the county.
– Elevation: The elevation of the county ranges from sea level to 2,629 feet near Long Ridge Road, La Honda.
– Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate in the county was 3.3% as of 2023.
– Per Capita Income: The estimated per capita income in the county was $175,070 in November 16, 2023.
– Median Household Income: The estimated median household income in the county was $143,795 in January 2022.
– Agricultural Production: In 2021, agricultural production in the county was valued at $98 million.

San Mateo County is home to various industries, including bioscience, computer software, green technology, hospitality, financial management, healthcare, education, and transportation. The county is committed to building a sustainable community that fulfills the needs of the present and future.

San Mateo County
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