About Richmond, California

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Richmond, CA, is a city located in western Contra Costa County, California, United States. The city was incorporated on August 7, 1905, and has a population of approximately 113,860 people. Richmond is situated on a peninsula separating San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay, and the city has 32 total miles of shoreline. The city is located near major metropolitan cities and major new growth areas, with San Francisco within 35 minutes from Richmond by freeway, Oakland within 20 minutes, and Sacramento approximately 90 minutes to the east. Richmond is also home to the Jelly Belly Candy Company, which produces world-famous Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Richmond has a diverse population and is known for its rich history, with a culture based on strong community ties, spiritualism, and rich artistic creativity. The city offers a range of job opportunities, with the city-owned Point Isabel Shoreline, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, Miller/Knox Regional Park, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, Brooks Island Regional Preserve, Sobrante Ridge Regional Preserve, Eastshore State Park, and Kennedy Grove Regional Park providing various recreational activities. Richmond’s location in the Bay Area provides residents with access to a wide range of employment, education, and entertainment options. Despite some areas of the city being run down and experiencing petty crime, Richmond is a dynamic and attractive place to live, with a mild Mediterranean climate year-round.

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