Pick-ups seem simple enough to provide.  Most vendors provide pick-ups, but they may also subcontract or use a third-party carrier like FedEx when the pick-up is outside their service area. The reason is simple; it’s very hard to cover a large service area cost effectively.  Miles = $.  We don’t subcontract our pick-ups and we service almost all of California and parts of Nevada. 

We are committed to providing the pick-ups as part of our business model for at least five reasons:

  • We provide on-going oversight and training to protect liability and improve efficiency.
  • We can maintain the quality and uniformity of the service.
  • We can provide a bundle of equipment and services other companies don’t want to provide.
  • We can readily adapt and adjust services to meet our clients’ changing needs.
  • We can handle “on-the-spot” unforeseen challenges.  

Our pick-up services are designed to maintain compliance, convenience, and efficiency. We offer recurring route-based as well as on-call pick-ups to guarantee timely and efficient services. We have a state-wide footprint so we can provide a “one-stop-shop” for maintaining all your California locations. We undoubtedly provide the best pick-up services available in the industry.