About Foothill Farms, California

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Foothill Farms is an unincorporated community located in Sacramento County, California. It is situated approximately 11 miles northeast of downtown Sacramento and covers an area of about 4.2 square miles. The area has a rich agricultural history, with many farms and ranches in the surrounding region. Foothill Farms has a relatively mild climate, with hot summers and cool winters. The community has an estimated population of 37,432. It is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, with nearby opportunities for hiking, boating, and outdoor recreation. Foothill Farms is home to several parks and recreational areas. One of the prominent parks in Foothill Farms is the Gibbons Community Park, which features sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The community is within close proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, and other amenities. The area hosts various local events and activities throughout the year, fostering a sense of community spirit. Foothill Farms is part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area, offering residents access to the cultural and entertainment offerings of the city. Foothill Farms has a variety of local businesses and services, including grocery stores, small shops, and professional services.

Services we offer in Foothill Farms :

E Waste Recycling
Hard Disk Destruction
Batteries Recycling
Fire Extinguisher Recycling

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