About Folsom, California

Folsom is a city in Sacramento County, California, with a population of 86,705 at the 2024 census. The city is known for its highly ranked schools, low crime rate, strong employer base, natural amenities, and abundant recreational opportunities. Some key aspects of Folsom include:

– History: Folsom was incorporated in 1946, but its history dates back much further. The city is named after Joseph Libbey Folsom, who purchased Rancho Rio de los Americanos from the heirs of a San Francisco merchant and laid out the town called Granite City.

– Education: Folsom is home to highly ranked schools, providing excellent educational opportunities for its residents.

– Entertainment, Culture, Shopping, and Dining: The city offers a variety of entertainment, cultural, shopping, and dining options, making it an attractive place to live and visit.

– Healthcare: Folsom has a strong healthcare system, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical care.

– Intel’s Research and Development Campus: Folsom is the headquarters for Intel’s Research and Development campus, which employs over 5,000 engineers and support staff from all over the world.

– Historic District: The city has a well-preserved gold rush era Historic District, with museums, shops, restaurants, and bars.

– Weather: Folsom has a mild climate, with ‘shirt sleeves and shorts’ weather for much of the year, allowing residents to enjoy the city’s recreational assets.

– Sister Cities: Folsom has sister cities in Japan, France, and Mexico, promoting cultural exchange and international relations.

Services we offer in Folsom :

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