Proper management of excess, obsolete or “waste materials” starts with storage and collection containers for the variety of materials that each business produces. When properly managed, most of those materials can and must be reused or recycled. Some materials may be assets that have a significant value or contain confidential data while others may have hazardous properties that must be considered when storing.  

You need somewhere to store each type of material: i.e., containers, boxes, bins, cart, etc.  In most cases, you will have to source containers and labels yourself.  Some vendors for some of the materials provide containers, but usually at an additional cost.  Proper labels that tell everyone what the contents are and when they were first stored are also required in California for many items.  Modern Waste provides the required bins and equipment needed along with proper labels. We provide a comprehensive array of equipment, properly labeled, and specifically designed to meet your reuse, recycling, and disposal needs. 

With Modern Waste you will experience the convenience and effectiveness of having the right equipment tailored to your needs. Whether you need battery recycling, asset management or on-site hard drive destruction, we have the equipment to get the job done.