About East Oakdale, California

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East Oakdale, situated on the Stanislaus River, is an unincorporated census-designated place (CDP) to the east of Oakdale within Stanislaus County, California. As a member of the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area in the San Joaquin Valley, it contributes to the broader regional context.

According to the 2024 census, the population of East Oakdale was recorded at 2,358 residents.

During the 19th century, three ferries facilitated crossings over the Stanislaus River along the Stockton – Los Angeles Road. Notably, Heath & Emory’s Ferry, the easternmost crossing point, is situated in what is now known as East Oakdale. The second ferry, Taylor’s Ferry Crossing, was positioned in the contemporary city of Oakdale. The third ferry, Islips Ferry, was located downstream in present-day Langworth. These historical river crossings were integral to the transportation network of the time, connecting different regions along the Stockton – Los Angeles Road.

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