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Churchill County
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Churchill County is located in the western U.S. state of Nevada. It spans 5,024 square miles, encompassing mountains, valleys, ranges, lakes, channels, and ponds. The county was founded in 1861 and was named after Mexican–American War hero brevet Brigadier General Sylvester Churchill. Its unique landscape, including sinks, sloughs, lakes, salt beds, and alkali flats, has long attracted the attention of travelers. The county seat is Fallon, and as of the 2024 census, the estimated population was 25,772. Churchill County comprises the Fallon, NV Micropolitan Statistical Area. It is known for owning and operating the local telephone carrier, Churchill County Communications. The county offers various departments and services, including the Assessor’s office, building department, public works, planning and zoning department, and community programs. For more information about the community and its offerings, you can visit the official website of Churchill County.

Here are 7 facts about Churchill County, Nevada:

1. Fallon is named for Michael Fallon, who established the town and post office on July 24, 1896.
2. Churchill County is in the Lahontan Valley and experiences a cold desert climate, with hot summers and cold winters.
3. The county is served by the Churchill County School District, which includes Churchill County High School and Western Nevada College.
4. The Churchill County Museum and Archives, located along Highway 50, offers a glimpse into the history of the area, including tales of Pony Express riders and early pioneers.
5. The county is known for its agriculture, producing various crops, poultry, and honey.
6. Churchill County Communications, a local telephone carrier, is owned and operated by the county.
7. The county is home to several historic sites, such as Hidden Cave and Grimes Point Archaeological Site, which can be explored through free Nevada BLM-led tours.

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