About Capitola, California

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Capitola, a quaint seaside town located in Santa Cruz County, California, graces the northern shores of Monterey Bay. As of the 2024 census, the city had a population of 9,555. Renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant shops, and restaurants, Capitola serves as a popular tourist destination, drawing visitors from across the globe.

The city traces its roots back to 1874 when it began as a modest tent camp along the shore of Monterey Bay, marking the inception of California’s first beach resort. Capitola’s rich history is evident in its architecture, featuring several historic buildings and landmarks, including the Capitola Venetian Hotel and the Inn at Depot Hill. The city hosts various attractions, such as the Capitola Beach Boardwalk, the Capitola Art and Wine Festival, and the Capitola Historical Museum.

Capitola ensures a high quality of life for its residents by providing a range of services and amenities, encompassing public works, recreation, and community development programs. The city is home to several schools, offering educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Overall, Capitola stands out as a charming and picturesque city, offering a delightful living experience for both residents and visitors. Its beautiful beaches, storied history, and diverse range of attractions contribute to its allure, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families in the Bay Area.

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