About Ahwahnee, California

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Ahwahnee, a picturesque community nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Central California, offers residents a serene retreat amidst breathtaking natural beauty. Located in Madera County, Ahwahnee lies approximately 10 miles southwest of the town of Oakhurst and serves as a gateway to the stunning landscapes of Yosemite National Park.

The name “Ahwahnee” is derived from the indigenous Miwok language and means “large-mouthed valley.” This aptly describes the area’s expansive valleys, lush forests, and majestic granite cliffs that characterize the surrounding terrain.

Residents of Ahwahnee enjoy a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore nearby hiking trails, go fishing or swimming in pristine mountain lakes, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. According to the 2024 census, it has a population of 2,134.

Services we offer in Ahwahnee :

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