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If you are interested in upgrading your business to ensure you provide the best services for your clients, you probably understand how crucial technology is for keeping up with market demands and remaining competitive. Similar to other businesses around the nation, your business likely relies greatly on electronic equipment and devices to operate successfully. However, obtaining and applying the latest technology is only part of the process. You must also properly recycle and dispose of electronics after they exceed their lifespan or become obsolete.

As a SERI Responsible Recycling (R2) certified company, Modern Waste has demonstrated consistent adherence to safe, responsible electronics management and recycling. Following the guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency allows you to help conserve our natural world while protecting your business and enhancing your bottom line. Materials that may still be functional can be reused to extend their lifespan. In contrast, materials that are no longer useful can be disassembled and harvested for components to be used in manufacturing new products. This maximizes the value of the materials and decreases the need for companies to conduct mining operations to pursue additional resources.

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Monterey County Recycling Services

Modern Waste provides the following recycling services

electronic waste disposal

Electronic Waste

Surplus, unused, and obsolete technological equipment is electronic waste, which includes various electronic devices and equipment necessary for the smooth operation of a modern business. Computers, monitors, networking equipment, servers, telephones, televisions, audio and video equipment, and all other electronic devices employed for industrial or personal uses are types of electronic waste. If your electronic waste reaches the local landfill, it not only significantly impacts the health of the environment but also compromises the security of your business. Modern Waste offers various recycling services to effectively manage electronic waste, such as reusing functional devices and taking apart nonoperative devices to recover valuable materials.

Secure Data Destruction

Protecting confidential business information from being retrieved and used by unauthorized parties requires you to coordinate regularly scheduled destruction of secure data, whether it is located in paper documents or within a hard drive. Many business owners believe that when a hard drive is erased or reformatted, this fully eliminates the data on that hard drive and prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing it. Unfortunately, this assumption is mistaken—the only guaranteed way to protect your secure data is to physically destroy the hard drive or other media storage tool containing confidential information, such as tapes, CDs, or floppy disks. Modern Waste holds AAA NAID R2V3 Certified, ISO 18001 and OHSAS Certified for completing this process, allowing you to keep your confidential information of all kinds out of the wrong hands.

electronic waste recycling
local shredding services

Shredding Services

When your business stores confidential information on paper documents rather than within a hard drive, you should be scheduling daily shredding of these documents to ensure you are adequately protecting your secure data. Modern Waste arranges for a document security consult to complete a security risk assessment to investigate potential risks and determine how to alleviate them. Based on this information, we create a comprehensive solution customized for the specific needs of your business. After employing the latest information security technology to handle your shredding needs, we provide you with a R2V3 Certified, ISO 18001 and OHSAS Certified of Destruction to demonstrate your compliance.

Battery Recycling

Batteries come in several types, each containing different toxic materials that can be extremely damaging to the environment and the human body. These battery types require their own specific methods for safe recycling and disposal to prevent mercury and lead from impacting the earth and damaging the health of residents. At Modern Waste, we adhere to rigorous safety standards throughout every step of the recycling process. Batteries can be reused if they are still functioning at a certain level, while batteries that are no longer useful are disassembled, so valuable components may be removed for inclusion in the future manufacture of new products.

battery recycling service
universal waste recycling services

Universal Waste

While most waste management companies focus on a limited set of services, Modern Waste provides a comprehensive suite of recycling services to ensure we effectively meet all the needs of your business. When you hire us to design a custom recycling solution, instead of coordinating several services from multiple companies, you can save your time, effort, and money to focus on other important business issues. As a universal waste company, we thoroughly assess your business needs and consolidate our services into a bundled plan. This guarantees your electronic waste and secure data are properly disposed of, which protects your business, allows you to maintain private client information, and supports the reputation of your business.

Compliance & Logistics

When a business involves collecting, creating, storing, disposing of, or otherwise managing secure data, it retains the legal responsibility for following specific guidelines concerning how this data should be handled after it is no longer useful. With over two decades of experience providing California business owners with the highest quality of recycling solutions, Modern Waste can thoroughly examine your business needs and strategically design a recycling solution that integrates multiple services, so these needs are met.

compliance logistics service

Monterey County, CA, Area Business Recycling & Waste Pickup Service

Modern Waste Services utilizes several trucks that complete regular routes every day throughout the Salinas area, providing you with almost endless access to our pickup services. If you require a pickup beyond regular routes, you can conveniently schedule a pickup online at any time by filling out the form on our website.

Modern Waste provides recycling services for the following items:

  • Electronic waste
  • Documents and shredded paper
  • Cardboard
  • Bottles, glass, cans, and aerosol cans
  • Batteries of all types
  • Light bulbs, LED lights, fluorescent lamps, and other lights
  • Miscellaneous items for disposal

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Modern Waste was a big help in taking old files and shredding as we prepare for relocation. Thank you for your honesty and integrity in running an outstanding organization.

Tom T.

5 star reviews

Your delivery people were knowledgeable, very helpful, and courteous. They explained everything, packed up what we had on site, and set up the containers for us. They knew what we needed better than we did. Containers are easy to use. Everything’s great so far. Thank you.

Granite Construction
Christine W.

5 star reviews

Excellent service! Polite, fast and efficient. If I have questions about services provided and ways to make our branch more efficient, they always have an answer.

Bay Alarm
Sean P.