Regulated Waste and Business Recycling
in California

Modern Waste

A perfect recycling solution to eliminate environmental waste

In today’s world, waste has become a major problem, and safe disposal of it has grown into a big business. Due to the staggering amount of waste that is produced every day and transported across the nation, recycling waste is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. 

Along with the safe disposal of residential, commercial and industrial waste, it is vital to understand the importance of timely recycling of stuff which is damaged and not in use anymore. 

With modern waste, you can save your money, effort and valuable time as we offer prompt waste disposal and recycling service at your doorstep and save you from the hassles of coordinating with different vendors for junk disposal and recycling.

We have been in the business for more than two decades and serving proudly in Sacramento, CA & Surrounding Areas with waste pick up and eco-friendly recycling services. Allow us to remove all unwanted items in a timely and efficient way and create an eco-friendly recycling solution for you. We have a team of dedicated and skilled crew who understand their job well. Our objective is to keep our customers safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

Our waste-pick-up drivers are well acquainted with different routes to ensure prompt service every single day of the week. We have an online scheduling system through which you can book your waste pickup time and our professionals will arrive promptly. We are one of the best Waste disposal and Recycling solutions due to our large extension in services which includes:


– Electronic waste

– Secure data destruction

– Shredding services

– Battery recycling

– Universal waste

– Compliance and logistic

We have assisted different industries in disposing of their unused items and have provided services in key sectors such as industrial and financial institutions, medical/dental facilities, construction and communications. Whatever service we offer ensures the best of it and the reason behind our success is our professionalism which reflects in our work. We have our headquarters in Sacramento, CA which is an ideal location for waste pick up, recycling and safe disposal of commercial waste materials. Just connect with our customer-friendly team to get a free quote for our services.