About Ridgecrest, California

Ridgecrest is located in Kern County, California, in the southern part of the state. It is situated in the Indian Wells Valley, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada and Coso Mountain ranges.  The city was incorporated in 1963 and has a population of approximately 28,664 as of 2024. Ridgecrest experiences a desert climate, with hot summers and mild winters. It receives an average of only 5 inches of rainfall per year. The city’s economy is largely driven by defense and aerospace industries, with many residents working at the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station or related contractors. Ridgecrest has a thriving arts and culture scene, with several galleries and theaters, including the Maturango Museum, which showcases the natural and cultural history of the area. The city is located near several natural attractions, including the Trona Pinnacles, a unique geological formation featured in several movies and commercials. Ridgecrest has a variety of recreational facilities, including parks, golf courses, and a sports complex with baseball and soccer fields. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing in the nearby mountains and canyons. The city hosts several annual events, including the Ridgecrest Petroglyph Festival, which celebrates the ancient rock art found in the area. Ridgecrest has a low crime rate compared to national averages, making it a safe place to live.

Services we offer in Ridgecrest :

E Waste Recycling
Hard Disk Destruction
Batteries Recycling
Fire Extinguisher Recycling

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