About Marysville, California

Marysville, California, is a city and the county seat of Yuba County, located in the Gold Country region of Northern California. Established in 1851, it is situated at the junction of the Feather and Yuba rivers, about 40 miles north of Sacramento. The city has a rich history, particularly during the Gold Rush era, when it became one of the largest cities in California.

Key features of Marysville include:

– Population: As of the 2024 census, the population of Marysville was 12,806.

– Area: The city covers an area of 3.58 square miles (9.28 km²), with 3.46 square miles (8.97 km²) of land and 0.12 square miles (0.31 km²) of water (3.36%).

– Elevation: The city is located at an elevation of 62 feet (19 m).

– Climate: Marysville experiences a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and mild winters.

– Economy: The city’s economy relies on agriculture, tourism, and some industrial development.

– Historic Landmarks: Marysville is home to several historic landmarks, such as the Silver Dollar Saloon, an 1855 Gothic Revival house, and the Bok Kai Temple, a historic traditional Chinese temple.

– Flooding: Marysville has a history of flooding due to the nearby Sierra Nevada range and the Yuba and Feather rivers, which pose a serious flooding risk to the city during years of significant snow runoff or heavy rain.

– Bok Kai Festival: The annual Bok Kai Festival celebrates the city’s Chinese heritage and features a parade with lion dancers and a 175-foot-long golden dragon.

Today, Marysville is known as “California’s Oldest Little City” and has retained its unique historic character, especially in the downtown area.

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