About Kerman, California

Kerman is located in the San Joaquin Valley, approximately 15 miles west of Fresno. The city was incorporated in 1946 and has a population of around 16,567 as of the 2024 census. Kerman has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters. The city is known as the “Gateway to the Sequoias” due to its proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Sequoia National Forest. Kerman has a rich agricultural history, with farming and ranching playing a significant role in the local economy for many decades. The city’s economy is largely based on agriculture, with crops such as almonds, grapes, and cotton being prominent in the area. Kerman is home to several parks and recreational areas, including Lions Park, Kerckhoff Park, and Kerman Community Center Park. The city offers a range of recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, and camping in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains. Kerman has a strong sense of community and hosts numerous annual events and festivals, including the Kerman Harvest Festival and the Kerman Almond Festival. The city is home to a vibrant downtown area, featuring a variety of shops, restaurants, and services. It is home to the Kerman Historical Society, which preserves and promotes the local history of the area. Kerman is well-connected to the surrounding areas through major highways and transportation routes, making it easily accessible.

Services we offer in Kerman :

E Waste Recycling
Hard Disk Destruction
Batteries Recycling
Fire Extinguisher Recycling

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