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Your total solution for California hazardous waste, confidential waste, electronic waste, product destruction, document shredding, contaminated soil, light recycling, battery recycling, off-spec products, contaminated food, expired merchandise, data destruction, fire extinguisher recycling, cleaning solutions, manufacturing, and industrial waste…

Specializing in California Business waste challenges, Modern Waste provides service throughout the state of California with both route-based and on-call services. It is our pledge to provide the most secure, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions possible for your specialized waste needs.

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Product Destruction
Document Shredding
Data Wiping

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Electronic Waste

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Bulk Solids & Lab Packs
Liquids and Sludge
Contaminated Soil

Modern Waste Management Services

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When you REALLY need your waste managed

  • We can re-use it- Endless secondary local and global markets
  • We can recycle it- If it’s a reusable material
  • We can treat it- If it needs to be neutralized
  • We can shred it- If no one is supposed to see it again
  • We can crush it- If no one is supposed to use it again
  • We can wipe it- If you want the device reusable but the data gone
  • We can incinerate it- If it can be used for fuel to energy and you want it to disappear
  • We can burry it- You can’t, but we can
  • We can prove it- All necessary documents, tracking, certificates and reporting

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Best in class Universal Waste Management & Compliance Services

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Modern Waste helps businesses of all sizes, and has worked with many different industries with special waste disposal needs. Providing outstanding services in key markets with special needs including construction, communications, medical/dental facilities, industrial, and financial institutions. Put our experience to work for you!

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Customer Reviews

5 star reviews

Modern Waste was a big help in taking old files and shredding as we prepare for relocation. Thank you for your honesty and integrity in running an outstanding organization.

Tom T.

5 star reviews

Your delivery people were knowledgeable, very helpful, and courteous. They explained everything, packed up what we had on site, and set up the containers for us. They knew what we needed better than we did. Containers are easy to use. Everything’s great so far. Thank you.

Granite Construction
Christine W.

5 star reviews

Excellent service! Polite, fast and efficient. If I have questions about services provided and ways to make our branch more efficient, they always have an answer.

Bay Alarm
Sean P.

Why Modern Waste

Innovative Solutions

100% NAID Certified

As a universal waste compliance & logistics provider that serves private, public, and social business sectors, plus a history of recycling & waste disposal improvement, Modern Waste is committed to helping you manage waste in the most secure, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective methods available.

  • SEFCE Compliant Recycling
  • Reliability & Integrity
  • 20 Years Of Service

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    Modern Waste Advantage

    Why Choose Modern Waste?

    With 6 simple steps, from the cradle to the grave, we will resolve your waste needs.



    We provide the equipment- whatever is needed to get the job done, we provide.



    We provide the training- whatever you need to know about your waste.



    We provide the logistics- We make sure your waste items are picked up when agreed.


    Record & Log

    We provide detailed tracking and reporting- Everything is weighed, counted, logged


    Shred & Recycle

    We handle it all from destruction to recycling and/or final disposal


    Certify & Approve

    We provide proof- Cloud based reporting, tracking and certificates

    Hazardous Business Waste Solutions

    When your Fresno business needs to get rid of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Modern Waste has the solutions for you. The cost of finding the right solutions to dispose of your company’s waste can quickly add up when you are dealing with many different vendors. Furthermore, there are many different laws and regulations that dictate how waste must be disposed of. This is especially true of hazardous waste material. When your business chooses Modern Waste to meet its disposal needs, there is no need to look to multiple sources to pack up and transport its waste materials. Modern waste does all the packing for you. It has the special equipment needed to properly store and label hazardous materials, and the means to dispose of them safely and efficiently.

    Modern Waste Solutions will make sure to reuse all the materials possible that are taken from your business. Any materials that can’t be reused will be recycled if they can be. Finally, what is left over will be disposed of safely, protecting the environment and the health of the people in Fresno.

    Hazardous Waste

    Modern Waste specialized in safely removing and transporting hazardous waste materials. These waste materials include oils, solvents, dangerous chemicals, and automotive waste. We specialize in battery recycling, which prevents heavy metals from the batteries from seeping into the ground in landfills.

    Modern Waste specializes in the disposal of e-waste. Special considerations must be taken when getting rid of e-waste because when you get rid of electronic devices, you not only get rid of the hardware itself, but the data must also be destroyed. If not, sensitive information might be recovered by people who shouldn’t see it. If confidential data is recovered, your company may be financially liable. We use the latest software that can wipe data clean from electronic devices before they are recycled or disposed of. In fact, Modern Waste is AAA NAID certified, which means that when we destroy hard drives, nothing can be recovered from them.

    Chemical and Lab Waste

    Dangerous chemicals such as cyanide or pesticides must follow strict protocols when being disposed of. If they are carelessly handled, your business may be financially liable for the damage they cause. Trusting an experienced company is the best way to ensure a safe removal.

    Lab waste can include dangerous organic compounds and byproducts of chemical reactions. Medical and dental offices may also need to get rid of sharp objects and bulky tools. The right, specialized equipment is necessary to transport these materials.

    Contaminated Soil

    Modern Waste are experts at removing contaminated soil. What many people don’t realize with contaminated soil is that there may be more than one pollutant involved, and that the area may need to be cleared of not only soil, but other debris too.

    Construction Waste

    Construction sites are often a place where larger objects have to be removed, and we have the equipment to do just that. Whether it is large-scale waste like bricks or blocks, or a cleanup of nails, Modern Waste has got you covered.

    Industrial Waste

    Treatment of water, removal of chemical solvents, and the disposal of adhesives are just some of the many forms of industrial waste that Modern Waste is capable of dealing with. We can start cleaning up your Fresno business’s industrial waste today.